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RhAG campaigns for more Welsh medium schools in Wales.

Jul 17, 2019

Call on RCT Cabinet to show that they are serious about growth of Welsh medium education in Pontypridd

Call on RCT Cabinet to show that they are serious about growth of Welsh medium education in Pontypridd


RhAG has called on RCT Council's Cabinet to make a stand in order to safeguard Welsh medium education provision in north Pontypridd when they meet this week.

This comes as members convene on Thursday 18 July to finalise controversial plans to reform education provision in Pontypridd, including a proposal to close Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Siôn Norton and Ysgol Heol-y-Celyn and build a brand new school on the site of Heol-y-Celyn.

Ceri McEvoy, RhAG Director of Development said,

"The RCT Cabinet has a golden opportunity to show that they have seriously listened to the concerns of parents and campaigners who have voiced their opposition in the strongest terms to these proposals.

"RhAG shares the concerns of parents who are concerned that taking forward this proposal will have a detrimental effect on the Welsh language in the communities of north Pontypridd. The current thinking is misjudged; councils should not be removing provision from local communities, but rather should be growing and expanding provision in all communities, so that every family can have convenient access to Welsh medium education within a reasonable distance.

"No-one disagrees that this valuable investment is to be welcomed, but lessons from other areas have shown that implementing the wrong decision can have a detrimental effect on the stability and growth of provision. It would be completely unforgivable to fall into the same trap in this case.

“This is an opportunity for Cabinet members to show that they are serious about the growth of the Welsh language in Pontypridd by responding to parents' concerns and introducing new options that would keep provision locally in the communities of the north of the town.

"To reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050, the communities of RCT - and the rest of Wales - must be taken with us along the way, and not alienated from the Welsh language."

"The message is clear: but are the councillors listening? We strongly urge them to prove this on Thursday."