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When the time comes for you to apply for your child to go to school in Wales, remember that there are three important stages. 1. Application for the Nursery class - 3 years old 2. Application to the Reception class - 5 years 3. Application to High School - 11 years old Nursery Class Some parents will choose to apply for their children to go to the Nursery class at a school or accept a Rising 3 year old place at another location such as Cylch Meithrin or a private nursery in the local authority. Each local authority has their own policy for making an application and it is worth reading the Starting School booklet in your county in order to know as many details as possible about your local Welsh-medium school. Details about this is also available on the Welsh Government website here. Reception Class You then need to apply again for the Reception class and this is for the year your child turns 5 years old. Secondary school Your primary school will be part of a secondary school cluster and therefore many events will take place to transition between primary and secondary school. These events usually start around year 4. You will need to apply at the start of year 6 for secondary school. Again, this process comes under local authority admissions policy. There is a link to the websites of all the Education pages of ​​all Local Authorities in Wales on our website if you have not found them already.