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Benefits of a Welsh-medium Education

Being bilingual comes with a wealth of advantages.


Before starting to share the benefits, let's start by explaining how Welsh-medium education works in Wales.

Welsh-medium education begins in the early years with the Ti a Fi group, then the Cylch Meithrin group and then the Nursery class in the primary school which leads to the Reception class.

Depending on the different regions of Wales, total immersion education is the method used in dedicated and traditional schools, which means that the children are surrounded by the Welsh language from an early age. This is a method that has been used internationally for several decades now. The language is introduced intensively in the early years so that Welsh is acquired as soon as possible. As Welsh is a language that is spoken less in some communities, this method ensures that every aspect of the child's school life takes place in Welsh. This is important as we need to be able to use the Welsh language in many different contexts and so learning to use it in all areas of life in school is essential for later on in life. So that's why all the school's life is conducted in Welsh - apart from the English and other language lessons that are taught at the school. 

English will be taught formally from year 3 and by the time the pupils reach the end of primary school all the pupil's bilingual skills have had a solid opportunity to develop - speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Communication with parents though is maintained bilingually so that everyone knows about what's going on with homework, trips, concerts and of course the important school social events! Schools have a wealth of diversity across Wales and we celebrate this on top of the ability to speak Cymraeg!